[ Background ]

The younger years

I want you to immediately know who I am, and where I come from. I am Aine, I am a mother, a loving wife but also an independent woman. I started working for a French company (I’m from France) but went to New York and live the life of an expat. It was important for me, and being a daughter of a doctor, to be well prepared. I had to dig into many insurance companies, from locals in New York to internationals from France. You should pay attention in finding the best travel insurance. My father and mother really had me work on this one, which was also kind of fun. By having to do everything yourself, you start to find out things for yourself. I had to determine how long I would be staying an expat in another country, in this case New York.

In all honesty this is a subject that people tend to underestimate when living abroad and especially working abroad. Now you can tell your company which international health insurance you would like, but back then I had to choose one for myself.

Long story short, I was set and ready to go. My parents were proud of me, especially my father the doctor. And my new life about to start, the doors to an entirely new adventure was opening up.

Now, a couple of years later I am a mother making her own money on the side and am feeling very independent.