[ Pet ]

The downside

Having a puppy is great, when the fun is great. But when you want some rest, don’t want to clean up your puppy is like a little terror critter screaming for attention. But in all fairness, in one minute you are down on the ground playing with the puppy again, it’s very nice.

The downside. After the happy stories, and the happy life I want to go over the downside. The downfall of things. Because like everything in the world and life things just cannot go up and up. You have to get the downs, to have better ups. That’s just the way it is. Perhaps that whole Ying Yang thing is true after all 😉

But first let me enjoy this great coco coffee, while looking out of the window over the beautiful city New York. The dog is sleeping in the bag in her little doggy-bed and I’m almost ready.