[ New Mother ]

My little secret

I will tell you right away about my secret. My children are mine but I am not the biological mother. I first saw my future husband in a place many 30-somewhat hang out. Nice music, nice people the real New York style of living in the movies.

Via our friends we got introduced and it hit straight away, it was amazing. We set up a second date and he immediately wanted to come clear. Before I was going to invest time in him he wanted to let me know that he had two children with his former girlfriend and that she passed away. He was not looking for a replacement, as no one would ever replace her but it was time for him to move on as well.

At first I didn’t know what to say as it was quite a lot to take in. But I immediately thought this man is honest up front and doesn’t play games around it. He is now in a serious stage of his life and whether we will end up together of not, he doesn’t want to start with any false promises.

I liked that and because of that I had no idea how not to like this man anymore. After that date, many other dates followed and it was time to meet the children.