[ New Mother ]

My little secret

I will tell you right away about my secret. My children are mine but I am not the biological mother. I first saw my future husband in a place many 30-somewhat hang out. Nice music, nice people the real New York style of living in the movies.

Via our friends we got introduced and it hit straight away, it was amazing. We set up a second date and he immediately wanted to come clear. Before I was going to invest time in him he wanted…

[ New Mother ]


After our dates went very well, he asked me very carefully if I wanted to meet his children. He had a good job and could afford someone to take of the children when he was working. But he also showed that he was not happy with this solution as the children would grow up with someone who was initially there for the money.

The morning I would meet the children I was quite nervous at first. The day before I bought some…