[ New Mother ]


After our dates went very well, he asked me very carefully if I wanted to meet his children. He had a good job and could afford someone to take of the children when he was working. But he also showed that he was not happy with this solution as the children would grow up with someone who was initially there for the money.

The morning I would meet the children I was quite nervous at first. The day before I bought some little presents, just to break the ice but definitely not to win over their hearts that way.

I came to his apartment and they were playing with lego in front of the TV. It was adorable. These two cute little kids playing and didn’t even notice that we entered the room. Immediately something struck my heart, the idea of that they probably didn’t even know that their real mother has passed away. To be honest, that feeling really rips your heart in two.

Slowly I entered and the children turned around, stood up and introduced themselves one by one. I was amazed, two little gentlemen. They ran to the kitchen and got some snacks. I laughed to my ‘now boyfriend’ and he smiled back.

We went to the park, played some games, grabbed some ice cream and in the evening put on a movie. I don’t know why but it looked like something from the movies. We both agreed that, because it was such a great night that I would sleep at home, because of the kids. It was great.