About Us

Good day to you! I am Aine Lec, originally from France, mother of two beautiful sons and wife a marvelous husband.

Welcome to my blog, my life and my stories. Together with my laptop, coffee and a sunshine covering the skyline of New York I will be writing stories. After the morning ritual Mommy is gone and Aine is here.

Enjoy my stories and if you can find yourself in these, please let me know through my contact form. Because of what are in my eyes fake comments I have disabled the comment section.

My photos are taken from Google. The reason for this is. I want my stories to be about my life, about the text, about the words and the photo is just to give you an impression. Sometimes I feel like blogs these days are 80% around the photos and only 20% about what you really have to say.

Aine Lec.